Home Dog Boarding

Whilst you’re enjoying your holiday, your dog will enjoy theirs.

A preferred alternative for many dog owners is a home-from-home dog boarding service. Here at Hanborough Pet Services your dog will stay with our family and dogs. They will be treated as part of our family, enjoying all the home comforts they would normally receive at home: walking, eating, playing, grooming and cuddles. What more could a dog want?

So if you’re dog is dog-friendly, contact us to arrange a visit. We can meet for a walk on neutral territory and to see how the dogs interact, then go back to my home for tea and a chat, and you can see where your dog will stay. Please bring with you evidence of your dog’s vaccinations.

If you’re happy (or more importantly if your dog is happy) to come and stay, you will be invited to complete a Dog Boarding or Day Care Form.  A 50% non-refundable deposit will secure your booking. We will hold your booking for no more than 5 working days. If your deposit is not received then your chosen dates will be re-opened to other clients.

You will need to provide enough food for the duration of your dog’s stay, any treats/toys/grooming equipment, and their cosy bed. Some dogs like to curl up with ours, but some prefer their own space, so having something familiar offers some reassurance for them.

Cat/Pet Sitting*

Cats, on the other hand, are inevitably more comfortable in their own surroundings, so why not let us look after your cat whilst you’re away. We can make daily visits to your home to ensure your cat is fed, has fresh drinking water and a clean litter tray, and once all that is done, there will be time left over for some fuss and a cuddle.

Other pets also need regular care in your absence, so whether you have a rabbit, budgie or other small furry friend, why not let Hanborough Pet Services take care of them so that you can enjoy your break safe in the knowledge that your little friend is being cared for in your absence.

Cat eating

dog walk

Dog Walking*

Perhaps you are working or are just off out for the day and need a dog walker? Hanborough Pet Services will happily come and take your dog(s) for a 30 or 60 minute walk at a time convenient to you. They will be walked in the area local to you and will not be pack-walked with other dogs, so they have our undivided attention for the duration of their walk. If you have specific requirements please get in touch to discuss these with us.

Doggy Day Care

Maybe you have a day trip planned and need a little more than just a dog walk. No problem. We are happy to have your dog come and stay for the day (from 8.00am to 6.30pm – subject to availability). As with home dog boarding, you and your dog will need to come for an introductory meeting to ensure the dogs are happy together and you are happy with where your dog will be staying. Please bring evidence of your dog’s vaccinations. Bookings for doggy day care cannot be taken more than 2 weeks in advance.

* Currently available in Long Hanborough, Church Hanborough, Freeland, North Leigh, East End, Combe and Bladon.