Adrian has been a dog owner for the past 15 years and currently shares his life with Mousehole, Misty and Max below. Time spent training with our dogs has resulted in three very friendly and balanced dogs who will happily assist in whatever activity he is doing. Adrian is an experienced carer and guest dogs seem to appreciate his calm nature, they enjoy a relaxed experience during their holiday with us. Adrian also has a keen interest in dog behaviour and positive reinforcement training.


Mandy has had many different animals throughout her life, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, tropical fish. A complete animal lover, she loves nothing more than spending time & walking with Mousehole, Misty and Max.


A Springer/Collie all the way from Cornwall and named after the small Cornish fishing village, Mousehole is a friendly, energetic boy who enjoys his runs and meeting other dogs and people.

See my puppy picture in the gallery.


A Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Misty is a super-friendly girl who, given her way, would be the ultimate lap dog!  She loves giving staffy kisses and cuddles to anyone who will accept them.  She is a fantastic retriever, her favourite activity is chasing and fetching her Kong Frisbee.

See my puppy picture in the gallery.


A long haired Jack Russell, Max is the playful chap of the three and seems to have a knack of bringing guest dogs out of themselves to go and play with him. Max loves splashing around in the paddling pool. He is very enthusiastic with any activity. Max just loves life.

See my puppy picture in the gallery.